About Us

The establishment of Ben Thomas Architects is the fulfilment of a Childhood dream. A dream that might well have started in the sand pit, produced the first ‘hut’ at the age of sixteen and a variety of building and architectural projects ever since.

The passion for architecture and construction has been a constant companion in Ben’s life and education; first training as a cabinet maker/joiner, then gaining practical building experience followed by formal architectural studies which were completed with first class honours.

Ben Thomas Architects was established in 2004 and has enjoyed steady growth and close, productive working relationships with clients. This has resulted in the completion of successful and innovative projects.

We believe that architecture should be fun. It should bring joy, and should enhance the quality of life. In summary, we aim to:

Architecture (what we think we do)


Services (what we really do)


Projects (what we have done)

Practical Architecture (Hands on, or how we do it)
Our design process draws on practical experimentation. We utilise sketching, models and computer models to develop a project.

We have a ‘hands on’ practical approach. Whilst we will not turn up on weekends to help paint your new project, we consider material choice and construction methodology at concept stage and design decisions and material specifications are based on personal experience and testing, client feedback, builder and supplier feedback and advice.

Things to come
We would like to be even more creative, become more knowledgeable and professional. We would like to engage with exciting projects and clients.

We look forward to discussing your next project and how we can assist you in achieving your goals.