The brief was for a multi-function extension to an existing Queensland timber house. Our client wanted additional living area that could be entirely opened and be used as a verandah. The potential of the project was in the established garden the new living area would overlook and our client’s individual and good taste.

The addition can be considered as a bridge between the past and the current and between the enclosed and the openness of the garden. The main organising parameters of the extension was to create a logical transition between the existing house and the garden. However the architectural expression was to create a new additional element that adds a new architectural layer to an existing traditional Queensland timber house.

By opening or closing the bi-fold doors the new living area can be transformed from a sheltered enclosed area to an outside verandah living space. This adaptability provides the freedom to adjust the space to current use or climatic requirements resulting in greater utilisation of the space.

The roof overhangs and overhanging blade walls provide excellent climatic control of the new living area; winter sun can penetrate deep into the interior whilst summer sun and afternoon glare are screened.

The materials reinforce our clients preference for rich natural contrast and include, plywood, Australian hardwood and hot dipped galvanised steel. This is contrasted by the extensive glazing and highlights of stainless steel.

We believe the project’s success stems from the simple but effective underlying strategy that was enriched with an uncompromised architectural expression. 

Completed: 2008

Construction: KFT Builders

Structural Engineer: John Batterham Engineering