This Hamptons style timber house was designed, detailed and executed on time and on budget.

The house has a prominent, well-proportioned façade despite the narrow 10 metre width of the site. The façade has excellent street appeal and leaves a memorable impression of being formal, yet inviting and homely.  

As always, thermal comfort and natural lighting were of the highest priority in the design process resulting in internal spaces that are light and airy with ample opportunities for cross ventilation. Whilst the layout is open plan, subtle architectural elements provide a sense of place to individual areas resulting in an interesting spatial flow.

This house in its Hamptons style has proven extremely popular. Although the Hamptons style is similar and certainly very compatibility with a traditional timber Queensland house it is a very different and individual architectural style. It is these subtle but distinct differences that make this house unique. This is not the first time that American architecture has influenced Brisbane housing styles. The Californian bungalow strongly influenced the Queensland timber house in the 1920’s with elements such as the tapered masonry columns and gable entry roofs.

It was a pleasure to work on this project together with Allan Tillet from Remax and John Bozic from Bozic Constructions. The success of this house is testament of this productive collaboration.  

Completed: 2016
In Collaboration with Allan Tillett
Construction: Bozic Constructions
Interiors: Ben Thomas Architects
Structural: John G. Batterham Consulting Engineer
Photos: Realscope, Isaac Marano