What was your Brief?

G: The brief was; we want to do something, but don’t get too carried away We do not need to win any architectural prizes or show off in the glossy magazines and we want to be walking in, in about twelve months; which we did.


Was this the first time you worked with an architect?

L: No, we worked with one on the Gold Coast

G. We did a major renovation so we did some sketches. That is all. We never engaged someone to take our plan, our thoughts and turn them into something a builder can build.


So would you work with an architect again?

G:Yes that worked really well.

L:Yes Definitely.


G: Turning our thoughts into plans and creating something different within a pretty limited foot print I would do again without hesitation.


Did the building turn out the way you expected it to be like. So at the end of sketch design when you had the drawings and the computer model and everything… did the end product actually turn out what you expected it to be like?

L: Yes, it did.

G: But Better.

L: Yes. The use of space as well was amazing.

G: I could half picture the interior but no matter how many drawings and pictures and profiles you showed us I could not get this (front decks and façade) And this turned out a real feature. You obviously knew what you were doing. .. The sort of cantilever, the way this deck is out over the next level


L: I couldn’t picture the stair void. And it was not till the very end until the stairs actually came into place.


Do you think the advantages of having high level windows in the void space outweigh the disadvantage of the difficulty to clean them?

G: Definitely

L: Yes. The only thing I would do differently is probably I would have some louvres windows in different areas of the house that we did not put them in. That was our choice at the time. You learn as you go, don’t you.


G:What has worked really well is privacy. The houses next door are close but they are private. And incorporating the void has really helped to bring the light in there.


G: I remember you saying that on this type of blocks (10mx40m) you just potentially get a box. I do not think we got a box. Maybe versus having a blank canvas it is probably boxy, but I think we got far from a box.

L: yeah, absolutely

G: With the way we have done the front and the back the entry window seat, the cut- outs and sun hoods.