The city grows and rejuvenates. This is the third time this piece of land has been improved, but links to the past are still evident; first farmland, then a typical Queenslander, the timber and tin vernacular of Brisbane, and now three houses.

The project is driven by an underlying concept to celebrate this journey `from old to new’. The existing timber house was renovated, maintaining its authenticity and historic charm. Two new houses were added, which make a conceptual bridge to modernity in their architectural expression. Their use of building forms and articulation, materials and colour bring to life the concept `from old to new’.

Thank you to our client for their trust and courage. It was a pleasure to work on this project and I believe it did turn out a bit special.

Completed: 2016
Construction: Eiffe Developments
Interiors: Ben Thomas Architects
Structural: John G. Batterham Consulting Engineer
Photos: Realscope, Isaac Marano