Our client required a carport for two cars and roof area for a solar photovoltaic system.

The design combines the physical requirements of parking cars and to provide ideal orientation of the solar panels to the sun’s path to create the final built form. The roof is constructed from inverted timber truss which created multiple advantages:

The mounting angle of the solar panels is at the ideal angle and the position is set back from the boundary. Therefore the possibility of overshadowing from trees and buildings on the neighbouring lot is reduced.

Whilst the carport was not to dominate the street, it was intended to significantly contribute and enhance the streetscape of the existing house. Primary, bright colours were used, thanks to the patience of the client and builder.

This carport is a perfect example of how multiple design parameters can provide the incentives that shape a design. We are very pleased with the outcome and the individuality of this project.

Completed: 2006

Construction: Frank Leben/Robert Short

Structural Engineer: John Batterham Engineering