Our office is located in the inner city fringe suburb of Morningside. It has undergone a transformation from run down neglected house to light and pleasant studio and residence.

The originally house was built in the late 1940s of cement render over a cypress frame and with a distinctive steep roof pitch. The additions are initiated by cues from the original house and are developed in the dialogue between the existing and the evolving.

The renovations and additions to our studio have allowed us to test ideas and explore building techniques whilst creating vibrant, light and spatially surprising places. It has and is an ongoing project, perhaps almost a hobby, which develops concurrently to our practice of architecture. The studio derives some of its charm from its evolutionary design manner.

We would like to take the opportunity to show some of the features here in greater detail and will keep adding elements to this ‘studio’ page as time permits.

From then to now

To be added soon...