Virginia Hawthorne House

We love a challenge. The client wanted a Hamptons style house and had already gone through two architects and a fully developed house design that he was not happy with. So we were delighted when he approached us to design a Hamptons style house to meet his expectations.

`A welcoming, friendly home in the style of an American timber house’ was the design brief from our client.

The site was a prominent corner lot, set back two houses from the Brisbane River with expansive views of New Farm, Newstead and the City.

The upper level was dedicated to living areas to make best use of the river and city views. However, this arrangement was in conflict with the architectural style which usually has living areas and a larger floor area on the ground level with secondary spaces on the upper level and enveloped by the roof. This conflict between style and program required design solutions that became the main focus of the design process.

In close collaboration with our client we achieved an open layout of flowing spaces whilst the architectural style of the house engages consistently with a modern interpretation of the Hamptons style. The house is developed around an asymmetric plan sheltered by a prominent, multi-faceted roof form. The house conveys solidity. It appears well grounded, which is achieved by the lower level following the topography of the site. Large timber posts and craftsman like construction convey robustness and provide a reaffirming feeling of comfort.

The project was completed in 2013 and well received by the local community.

Client: Allan Tillett

Completed: 2013

Construction: Luke O’Connor Builder

Structural Engineer: STA Consulting Engineers

Interiors: TSpace, Titta Waddington